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Death of a Ghost

Ossian's stay at Lychfont House is about to turn into a nightmare...

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The Fetch of Mardy Watt

What would you do if a double was trying to take over your life?

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Calypso Dreaming

The island of Sweetholm holds a deadly secret, and Calypso is the key...

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Timon's Tide

Daniel's elder brother has been dead and buried for six years... Hasn't he?

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The Darkling

Can Petra save her father, before she loses him to the Darkling?

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Children's and Young Adult Fiction
The Lurkers

John Forster has made a mistake, and now everyone must pay the price.

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"Charles Butler writes so well, his imagination is so amazingly subtle and his stories so different I'm surprised he hasn't been discovered by the mainstream, but I think that's only a matter of time. So faboo a writer is bound to become popular, and that is why I am not letting his books outside my house."
(Sherwood Smith)
Kiss of Death

Nick's best friend is dead.  But that doesn't stop her from texting.....

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Hand of Blood

Meg lost her hand in an accident - but then Dr Freeman stepped in to help her. She soon begins to wish he hadn't.
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